Ruins of Amaloss Keep

Located just over 10 miles from town, it takes about two hours to reach the ruins of Amaloss Keep. The fortress was originally built to watch over one of the primary trade routes heading into town, but it was breached during an war long ago and abandoned. Prince Amaloss had it repaired during his siege to use as a base of operations, but it was torn down after the Prince was dead and the siege ended. Today, it is a tumble of ruined stone blocks, covered in moss, with tall grasses growing from the cracks.

While the road still travels past the ruin, most travelers avoid stopping here for too long. Most say the place is haunted, but in reality, it is just a grim reminder of a dark time in the city’s history and most would rather forget it entirely.

When the PCs arrive at the ruin, there is no one about. There is evidence, however, that the area has been traversed lately. A DC 15 Survival skill check notes that a number of humanoid creatures, wearing boots, have been through this area within the past day (this is well after the day of Private Redhammer’s disappearance). The tracks lead to the center of the ruins, where they apparently end at the face of a relatively intact stone wall. Anyone studying the wall by touching it soon learns the truth, that a portion of the wall is an illusion (a detect magic reveals this as well). Beyond the illusion is a small landing in front of a set of ancient worn steps. These steps lead down to Area 1 of the Vault of the Wailing Prince.


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