What is Weekly Grind 4E?

Weekly Grind 4E: Vault of the Wailing Prince is an adventure for a group of five 2nd-level D&D 4th Edition characters (more on character creation below). It is a fourthcore adaptation of the Pathfinder Weekly Grind series, designed and currently run by Jason Bulmahn. While the intention is to stay as true as possible to the original designs, minor creative liberties will be taken to help the Weekly Grind encounters jive with the 4th Edition rules and, of course, the fourthcore aesthetic. All conversions here are by @SaveVersusDeath .

The Story So Far

Fourthcore Excuse Plot Version: The dwarf warrior Jonar Redhammer has disappeared near the ruins of Amaloss Keep. Are you a bad enough dungeoneer to brave the haunted vault beneath the castle and rescue him?

Working the Grind

Weekly Grind 4E is subject to the following guidelines:

Character Creation

At the start of the series, each player creates a 2nd-level dungeoneer using the point-buy system. No backgrounds, dragonmarks, or other setting-specific boons. Otherwise, there are no restrictions. Each dungeoneer has 100 gold pieces to spend at creation; however, they also may take a single magic item of 3rd level or lower at no cost. If they choose to take a magic item of 1st or 2nd level instead, they do not get the value difference in gold.

If a dungeoneer is killed in the Vault, that player rolls up a new 2nd-level character who joins the party in the next room.

Setting Up and Playing the Game

Each week (or session), the Dungeon Master runs the single dungeon chamber they’re provided. He or she should have the encounter area laid out with Dungeon Tiles or drawn on a battlemat beforehand. Each room has a number of objectives that the dungeoneers must accomplish; points are awarded for completing these tasks as quickly as possible with as few casualties as possible. Scores are tallied at the end of each week, and the team with the most points at the end of the series wins!


It is assumed that the dungeoneers take a short rest between each room. At the end of each second room, they reach a milestone.

At the end of a session, the party may declare they are instead returning to town to take an extended rest. They gain all the benefits of an extended rest; however, they take a 5 point penalty for doing so. Time is of the essence, and you can sleep when you’re dead and/or the winner!

While in town, the dungeoneers may buy and sell goods. Gems, art objects, and other valuables sell for their full value. The dungeoneers may purchase common and uncommon magic items of 5th level or lower.

Rushing Ahead and Fleeing Back

In many rooms, it is possible to exit to the next room before completing every objective. A party doing so earns points for everything they achieved before they moved on (and suffers any penalties incurred). They may not return later to earn more points.

If a party flees the chamber (back to town, presumably) in the middle of a session, they forfeit any points earned while still suffering any penalties incurred. They may not earn any more points in the chamber from which they fled; in fact, the chamber is cleared when they return – advance them to the next room in the dungeon.

Total Party Kill

A group of dungoneers that is wiped out re-rolls all new characters and starts at the next room in the dungeon.

A Word on Treasure

The dungeoneers automatically identify any magic items and treasure they encounter unless otherwise noted.

When Does it All Start?

As soon as I can wrangle enough players to play in person or online. The first session can be found here.

Vault of the Wailing Prince

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